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Trust Seeds Hosts it's annual Field day for 2018

Trust Seeds has Hosted its annual international Field Day at it's Stations in Amman - Jordan on the 5th of July 2018 where a group of distinguished guests from the Ministry of agriculture and Trust Seeds agents of MENA Region exanimated all Trust Seeds new varieties.

Trust Seeds Field day has been launched with a warm welcoming and greeting by the president of Trust Seeds Mr. Nail Omar

Trust Seeds wish to thank all whom participated in the success of this day and wish to see you all again next year.

Trust Seeds Field Day 2018


Trust Seeds GrowTech 2018

Visit Our wing at GrowTech 2018 from the 28th of Nov 2018 ill the 1st of Dec 2018


Visit Our wing at GrowTech 2018 from the 29th of Nov 2018 ill the 2nd of Dec 2018


The leading fair in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Caucasus, gaining reputation in the international arena every year and growing consistently, held in Antalya which is the heartland of the developing agricultural production and export, Growtech Eurasia takes place with participation of leading companies from the Greenhouse and Technologies, Agricultural Technologies and Equipment, Irrigation Systems, Seed Growing, Seedling Cultivation, Plant Nutrition and Protection, Biological Control, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment areas.