Tomato F1 Hybrid 214

OVAL Beautiful Shiny Red Firm cocktail variety,Strong plant tolerance to : Tmv, V, F, TYLCV

F1 Hybrid 214

Indeterminate F1 hybrid cocktail variety , Strong plant vigorous , 75 – 80 days for maturity after transplanting ,Long Cluster , average fruit weight 25 – 30 grams of OVAL Beautiful Shiny Red Firm fruits.

Very Good long shelf life.

Good tolerance to : Tmv, V, TYLCV
Habit  Strong plant vigorous
Maturity  75 – 80 days for maturity after transplanting
Weight 25 – 30 grams
Shape OVAL Beautiful Shiny Red Firm
Fruits Long Cluster
Shelf Life Very good
Tolerance  Tmv, V, F , TYLCV