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Tomato F1 Hybrid (386)

Round red strong bushy plant,medium early tolerance to TMV,V,F,N & High TYLCV

Tomato F1 Hybrid 1001

Round Beautiful Red Strong vigorous plant tolerance to : Tmv, V, F, TYLCV

Tomato F1 Hybrid 1041

OVAL Red medium strong bushy plant Good tolerance to TMV , V , F , TYLCV

Tomato F1 Hybrid 399

OVAL Shape medium strong bushy plant early maturity tolerance to TMV , V , F ,TYLCV

Tomato F1 Hybrid ASEEL (1031)

Firm Round Medium Strong bushy plant Medium late maturity tolerance to TMV , V , F & Nematodes

Tomato F1 Hybrid THURAYA ( JOKER )

Round Shiny Red strong bushy plant medium late TMV,V,F,Fair to N & VERY HIGH to TYLCV.